The Divita Block

Your Health is Important

If you ever felt uncomfortable or developed headaches in a building, there could be mold behind the walls or poor air circulation. Standard construction products and methods fall short in protecting your health.
Feel safe in your life with a better living space.

Your Reputation Matters

From contractor to homeowner, everyone has a role to develop their community and the environment using positive construction materials.
Show the world that you matter when you choose to build a constructive future.

Invest in yourself and your organization

From investor to manufacturer, everyone has the opportunity to invest in today for a much better tomorrow. Bring value to yourself by building the foundations of today for your sustainable and thriving tomorrow.

What is a Divita Block?

We shaped our organization, Vita Structura, to reflect the symbolism of our objectives. Vita Structura means Life Structure, and our healthy construction block, Divita Block™, symbolizes sturdy excellence.

The Divita Block™ has the following exciting features:

All-climate insulation which regulates humidity and temperature while retaining a comfortable living space

Environmentally healthy material made from natural resources

Standard size to fit building code and for easy installation

Potential to meet RIFT standards (R-value, Insulation, Fire, and Thermal)

Insect and mold resistant

Life expectancy with proper care: over 100 years

Sound absorbent


Low environmental production footprint

Why is this important to you?

Every small contribution to build a sustainable tomorrow and a strong economy needs constant innovation from organizations like Vita Structura. Your acceptance of our innovation will provide you with health and wealth, not only to yourself, but to future generations that live in buildings using The Divita Block™.

The Divita Block™ is carbon net negative. This means that the Divita Block™ removes carbon from the environment, much more than it makes to produce the block. Existing construction materials do severe harm to the environment by dumping excessive carbon into the air as pollution. Our block can remove carbon dioxide from your home.

The Divita Block™ helps farmers while protecting forests. The Divita Block™ is made mostly from the firm wood-like structure of farmer-grown industrial hemp. This means the bulky part of the crop can be shaped into a block, which is a legal construction material that can replace some wood and plastic-based construction materials. With your help, we save forests one block at a time.

The Market Demand

The Divita Block™ will be part of the USD$377 billion projected market in 2025. Complimentary market estimates will also drive demand for Vita Structura products. To produce the millions of blocks required to meet this demand, Vita Structura will partner with manufacturing and financial institutions to reach the 141 million homes in North America with 1.8 million housing starts. You can be part of this growing future for advanced building construction.

We will expand beyond homes

The Divita Block™ can be used in many types of non-occupational buildings like barns, greenhouses, garages, or any building that is found in rural areas. We are also aiming to have our block installed in commercial buildings, manufacturing centres, or any tangent market where our block shaping expertise can service unique demands.